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      Djamila Bouhired

      Algerian Revolutionary and Independence Fighter. Djamila joined the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) while a student activist fighting for Algerian Independence from French colonialism.

      "I am pleased that my life has meaning and a direction that I chose from the very beginning, which is that of the Algerian people's struggle against colonialism and oppression from foreigners...I cannot express my happiness to be in the maquis better than by briefly taking stock of my positive experiences: Firstly, I became aware of the superiority of our organisation although I already knew that our struggle needed fighters and leaders. I understood that our army encompasses everything and assigns everybody the appropriate role and gives them the necessary responsibility.... Secondly and equally important, I understood that the enormous apparatus that our leaders have rapidly set up rests on solid and proven foundations such as the confidence, devotion, participation and even heroism of our civilian population."

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