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      Campaign for $20,000 for 2016 A Fundraising Appeal!

      October 15, 2015 to January 15, 2016

      Dear Fire This Time Reader,

      The first Fire This Time newspaper was published in February of 2003, as part of the international movement that organized the largest mobilizations in human history against the invasion of Iraq. It was also a time of deep and drastic government cuts to social programs across Canada. Today, thirteen years later, the only change has been a further escalation of the war against oppressed people at home and abroad. The new era of war and occupation, of which Canada is an active participant, has seen many countries invaded and occupied, millions killed and millions more made refugees. Meanwhile, the gap between the rich and the poor is ever increasing and government crackdowns on human rights such as Bill C-51 are used to try and instill fear and silence dissent.

      For the last thirteen years, Fire This Time has refused to be silent. We continue t o reflect the battle of ideas that is shaping the political, economic and social fabrics of our society. With the perspective that, “Every international fight is local and every local fight is international,” we have also continually highlighted the fightback of working and oppressed people across the globe. This has included a special focus on Latin-America, and the revolutionary governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.

      In a world where the mainstream media is dominated by a narrow, corporate and anti-human agenda, Fire This Time presents an alternative that is intellectually honest and presents facts and analysis for those who are interested to know the truth and want to bring about a better world. In the past 13 years we have published 70 issues and distributed over 600,000 individual copies of Fire This Time at bus stations, rallies, picket lines, international gatherings and everywhere in between. We see the newspaper as a mobilizer which connects struggles and urges oppressed people to, “Think socially and act politically”.

      * * In 2012, FTT Editorial Board member Thomas Davies and 2 contributors were assaulted, handcuffed and dragged into police cars for refusing to stop distributing FTTs at the Metrotown Skytrain Station. Once again we were able to mount a popular public campaign which forced the authorities to write a written statement acknowledging our right to distribute at the stations. We have since returned time and time again and we refuse to be intimidated.

      But now we really need your help!

      If you agree that the newspaper is unique and important, we ask you to make a financial contribution, no matter how small (or how large!) to enable us to continue printing in the coming year. We have calculated that we will need a minimum of $20,000 to continue publishing Fire This Time as a free, monthly, social justice newspaper for 12 months in 2016. We have launched a campaign to raise these funds by January 15, 2016 and we are really counting on your support!

      One time donations and monthly sustaining donations are gratefully accepted! Any donation of a total of $250 or more will receive a bound volume of all 12 issues of next years Fire This Time newspaper!

      It's also important for you to know that you can pledge big or small donations to be paid over a period of time as well.

      Good news! Donating is easy!

      ***Call 778-938-1557 or e-mail firethistimecanada@yandex.com to organize a donation, or;
      ***Mail a cheque to “Nita Palmer” with the Subject “FTT 2016” to:
      PO Box 21607
      Vancouver, BC
      V5L 5G3
      ***Donate via PayPal Online at www.firethistime.net

      Thank you for all the support! We look forward to continuing work together to build a better world!

      In Solidarity,

      Editorial Board of the Fire This Time Newspaper

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