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      Editorial: This Issue of Fire This Time

      Fire This Time Newspaper Back Again!

      Dear readers and supporters, we would like to happily announce that Fire This Time is here to stay with you for a long time to come. Since 2003, when Fire This Time was born, until now we have always tried regardless of increasing financial pressure to continue publishing. Most of the time we have been able to succeed in this task, but there have also been times that we had no choice but to stop. So since the last issue of Fire This Time in January of 2013, two years have passed until the Fire This Time Newspaper is out in your hands again.

      We also would like to thank many of our supporters who with their emails and phone calls asked us to continue publishing Fire This Time regularly because there is a big absence of a revolutionary working class newspaper in Canada. Some of you even sent us subscription forms while we were not publishing. Thank you all. We promise you to get this valuable newspaper out regularly.

      Fire This Time is a revolutionary newspaper. Our newspaper reflects the battle of ideas that is shaping the political, economic and social fabrics of our society on the local and international stage. Fire This Time is a platform and standpoint of working and oppressed people. We intend to present an alternative that is intellectually honest and presents facts and analysis for those who are interested to know the truth and want to bring about a better world.

      Fire This Time newspaper was born out of necessity, not out of an eccentric desire, to present our vision. As a matter of fact, after many considerations and looking more carefully into what we wanted to achieve in the short and long run as revolutionaries, and looking into the potential and actual capacity of the working class movement and its political organizations as a whole, we decided to go ahead with this project.

      We believe this newspaper will be more and more approved of by you. So if you find that Fire This Time is doing a good job as a revolutionary newspaper, then we would like you to ask for your financial help. We are independent and do not receive any money from any political parties or any other institutions. You are our reason for existence and we depend only on you. Thank you!

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