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    Government of Venezuela Responds to Obama

    Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
    Ministry of People's Power for Foreign Affairs Statement

    "The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects in the strongest terms the outrageous declarations made by the president of the United States, Barack Obama, in Miami on December 14, 2012 about President Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.

    In this moment of special sensitivity for Venezuelans, the Bolivarian government demands respect from the U.S. president and its government officials for the dignity of the Venezuelan people, its institutions, and in particular for Commander Hugo Chavez.

    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has become, under the guidance of Commander Hugo Chavez, an authentic democracy, thanks to which the people of Venezuela freely exercise rights and freedoms that U.S. society is still far from achieving.

    For the first time in 200 years since independence, the Venezuelan people are building their own destiny thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution.

    The Venezuelan people reelected Commander Hugo Chavez as President of the Republic last October 7, after an electoral process that saw the highest level of voter participation in Venezuela's political history, and that earned recognition and congratulations from around the world for its exemplary and transparent nature, quite unlike the doubts and reservations generated by the archaic U.S. electoral system.

    With his despicable declarations in this delicate moment for Venezuela, the U.S. president assumes the responsibility of driving bilateral relations toward greater deterioration, putting in evidence the continuity of his policy of aggression and lack of respect toward our country."

    Caracas, December 14, 2012

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