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    Colloquium for the Cuban 5 in Holguín

    By Leonardo Pupo Pupo www.granma.cu

    HOLGUIN.— More than 340 delegates from 47 countries, as well as ambassadors from the Spanish-speaking nations of ALBA and Haiti, are taking part in the 7th International Colloquium for the liberation of the five Cuban heroes and against terrorism, from November 28 through December 1 in this eastern city, AIN reports.

    The diplomats will speak at the Holguín event, which brings together friends from various countries in solidarity with the cause of the Cuban Five unjustly imprisoned or detained in the United States for preventing acts of terrorism against their people.

    This was announced at a press conference by Amaury Torno, Cuban Friendship Institute official in Holguín.

    This year, the largest delegations are from Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Venezuela, Canada, Spain and the United States, Torno confirmed.

    As is the case in each event, this 8th Colloquium will become an international forum to denounce the injustices committed against Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, René González, Antonio Guerrero and Ramón Labañino.

    Participants will bring their solidarity to the residents of five Holguín municipalities damaged by Hurricane Sandy as it passed over eastern Cuba on October 25.

    René, Ramón, Gerardo, Fernando and Antonio were victims of a biased and irregular trial in the United States and unjustly sentenced to long prison terms in that country where, risking their own lives, they obtained information about terrorist groups operating there in order to warn of and avert acts of violence against the Cuban people.

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