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    Fire This Time Activists Assaulted by Transit Police and RCMP:
    The Campaign to Defend our Civil Liberties! - Special Section

    Without a doubt, one of the central struggles of working people is to defend their existing democratic and human rights. Fighting for democratic and human rights and expanding them further occupies the center of the working class movement for more than 150 years. It has always been said that , “A working class movement that cannot defend itself against the capitalist class offensive and cannot stand firmly for democratic rights and human rights, cannot achieve the position required to lead the whole society.”

    Indeed, of those important democratic rights are the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly. Without defending and expanding these rights against ruling class assault it is very difficult to foresee the working class and its allies, oppressed people and poor people, being able to build a strong, viable and effective organization that can lead the struggle for victory. In the next 10 pages we have documented for our readers, who are basically working and poor people, how a small political tendency can defend these rights and fight to win.

    4 Fire This Time activists who were peacefully and legally distributing a legal, free, revolutionary and social justice newspaper were harassed and abused by Translink authorities and different police institutions. They were harassed because the politics which they were defending , including fighting for peace, against war, against occupation, against discrimination, and against exploitation, did not taste good to these authoritarian institutions and their agents.

    The next 10 pages is documentation of the struggle of Fire This Time activists to retain their rights and win their legal and moral space to distribute a revolutionary newspaper. We are hoping this struggle, which still continues, becomes an experience for our readers particularly and the working class generally. Our attitude and mentality towards working class struggle is, “We are realists, we dream impossibles”, as Che Guevara said, and, “We will win”, as Fidel Castro

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