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    Speech Given by Alison Bodine from the Stage at Chicago Anti NATO Protest

    Hello Chicago,

    Hello you great protesters who on the streets of Chicago defending humanity against imperialist war machine including NATO!

    Hello people of the world, we are part of your struggle and resistance against military aggression of colonial powers!

    I am bringing to you the message of solidarity from people of Canada! We are with you in this march for freedom and justice, we are with you in this march against war and destruction!

    These are the demands that today unite us in the struggle for an end to war and destruction and for self-determination for all nations under imperialist attack.

    I want to thank all the organizers of cang8 in Chicago and beyond for encouraging international participation on this day of protest! Because our cause is international, our resistance is international, our struggle is international, And yes our freedom is international The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, is behind that fence line as Canada is one of the US's biggest partners wielding death and destruction throughout the world through NATO, taking a leadership role in the brutal and criminal occupation of Afghanistan!

    They were partner of massacre of Libyan people by sending fighter jets warships and their special forces and advisers to Libya.

    Today they are on the same path of aggression with US against Syria and Iran.

    But we will stop them, don’t we? US , Canada, Britain or any imperialist countries we will stop you, we will defeat you. Remember Vietnam, you can’t win against us. Yes, humanity and dignity will prevail. This is the new era of war and occupation. The era of increased and on going imperialist attacks that began with with the invasion of Afghanistan!

    An era where millions of people have been killed, millions of people displaced, and the great civilizations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya destroyed, for the interest of imperialist corporations and accelerating and expanding this attacks not only abroad but at home too - from FBI raids of social justice and activists and organizers to the targeting of Muslims and immigrants from US and Canada to Europe and all the world. Now we are being told that the enemy is Iran and Syria. But we here today must know that the biggest threat to world peace is NATO. We must stand firm against all threats of war, sanctions, and all covert and overt foreign intervention in Iran and Syria and all oppressed nations around the world. As our brothers and sisters from Afghanistan to Somalia, from Syria to Palestine fight and resist imperialism everyday we too must all commit to continued, consistent and united resistance, to mobilizing against war and destruction on both sides of the US/Canada border. It is only through this unity that we can be effective!

    No to NATO!
    Abolish NATO!
    We Will Win
    And as Che said: Venceremos!

    Thank you!

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