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      It Was the Morning Of Santa Ana

      By: Jesús Orta Ruiz
      (September 30, 1922 - December 30, 2005)

      it was the morning
      of Santa Ana,
      A July morning painted pink.
      Nobody anticipated that the sun would rise
      for the silenced
      Tizol farm.
      Santiago the Apostle, withered, slept
      as if knocked down by the merriment
      of Conga & brass band, celebration & alcohol.
      it was the morning
      of Santa Ana...
      Oh the incubator
      of the savior
      Siboney farm!
      What glorious roosters delivered the dawn
      Hatuey's old & forgotten stances!
      They were determined on the road...
      All over the landscape the flag spread.
      On the caravan of the immortals
      there were two women of stoic purity:
      They also came from the heroic farm,
      from the incubator of Mariana Grajales.
      They were earlier suns that with their dawn tore the fog from the Moncada barracks
      The Homeland in darkness saw its clear paths
      in the precise light of urgent shots.
      it was the morning
      of Santa Ana
      The blood shed was not blood wasted.
      How blind were the hands of the one
      who gouged out your eyes, your dreamy eyes
      the eyes of Abel!
      The eyes of Abel!
      that are now stars in the smiling sky
      and illuminate the triumphant path of Fidel!
      The martyrs each invade the day,
      They brighten cities, they liberate mountains...
      Now I hear the songs of Gómez García
      in rapid transfer from flower to mockingbird:
      July 26: hurts
      From where did the dawn emerge:
      avenging start date
      of the insulted dates.
      The hot blood of lives
      broken by heroism
      when betrayal & cynicism
      danced on a calvary...
      Oh necessary dew
      to the flower of patriotism!
      It is the voice of the entire land of Cuba:
      -Glory to the morning
      of Santa Ana!

      From: http://cartasdesdemacondo.blogspot.com
      (Translation by Tamara Hansen)

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