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      Defend Democratic Rights of Activists!
      Stop the Deportation of Climate Justice Activist Zain Haq from Canada!

      Zain Haq is a 21-year-old Vancouver-based activist who is facing deportation from Canada for his climate justice work.

      It is important that all peace-loving people take a stand in defense of the democratic rights of activists to peaceful protest and against deportations and attacks from CBSA. Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice encourages you to take action in defense of Zain Haq.

      An online letter campaign has been launched to urge Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Refugees, Sean Fraser, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to immediately suspend and revoke deportation proceedings against Zain Haq.

      As the online support letter reads: "Haq is a nonviolent climate activist who has been advocating for the protection of oldgrowth forests in British Columbia, and led a successful fossil fuel divestment campaign at his university.

      Zain is, and has long been, publicly and actively committed to the principles of nonviolence. Zain grew up in Pakistan, a country where millions of people have recently been displaced by floods because of glacial melting, and are facing ongoing crises of hunger, health care, and housing."

      Read and sign the online letter here: https://openletter.earth/stop-deportation-of-student-activist-zain-haq-03aac2f1

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