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      A Call To Endorse And Participate In An
      International US-Cuba Normalization Conference
      NYC MARCH 11-12, 2023 - At Fordham University School of Law, NYC

      A month ago, the Cuba solidarity movement organized a successful Week of Action against the U.S. blockade of Cuba to coincide with the November 3rd U.N. General Assembly 185-2 vote to condemn the blockade.

      Now we, the International US-Cuba Normalization Conference Coalition, are issuing this Call for a broad, united, inclusive, and non-sectarian gathering— in-person and hybrid with extensive live-streaming — in March 2023.

      The International Cuba Conference will take place during the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (formerly International Women’s Month) — CSW67 — activities. This UN-sponsored annual event will include a delegation of Cuban representatives and leaders, organized by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), who will be able to participate in the International Conference.

      We call on the broad opposition to the U.S. economic sanctions and political bellicosity against Cuba, deepened under the Trump and Biden Administrations, to endorse this Call in a spirit of unity and struggle around the following demands:
      Take Cuba off Washington’s List of State Sponsors of Terrorism!
      End the U.S. Blockade of Cuba!
      End All US Anti-Cuba Economic and Travel Sanctions!

      We urge your organization to endorse this International Cuba Conference. Moreover, we encourage your organization to participate directly in the weekend gathering as we step up united action against the U.S. anti-Cuba blockade. Please distribute this Call to your members and list serves.

      Endorsements should be sent to: endorse@us-cubanormalizationconference.org

      More Info: www.us-cubanormalizationconference.org

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