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      Our Heritage - Rosa Luxemburg

      Revolutionary Marxist Leader

      And this fateful hour is hastened by capital, at an everincreasing rate, by mobilizing its future gravediggers, the proletarians, in ever greater numbers, by extending its domination to all countries of the globe, by establishing a chaotic world economy, and by laying the foundation for the solidarity of the proletariat of all countries into one revolutionary world power which shall sweep aside the class rule of capital. Socialism ceased being a scheme, a pretty fancy, or an experiment carried out in each country by isolated groups of workers, each on its own hook. As the common political program of action for the entire international proletariat, socialism becomes a historic necessity, because it is a result of the operation of the very laws of capitalist development.

      Excerpts from Rosa Luxemburg Speaks (Pathfinder Press) from What is Economics?(page 248)

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