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      One Year of Monthly Car Caravans Against the U.S. Blockade on Cuba
      in Vancouver!

      By Andrew Barry

      Since February of 1962, the US government has imposed a cruel and unjust blockade on the people of Cuba in an effort to overthrow its government, undermining and violating the self-determination of Cuban people. Cubans and peace-loving people from across the world have joined together for over 6 decades calling for an end to this criminal policy that effects the day to day lives of every Cuban.

      For 29 consecutive times, the United Nations General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to condemn the US blockade on Cuba. This is important because it demonstrates that the vast majority of the world stands united with Cuba against this criminal policy.

      Since the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world in 2020, traditional forms of protest have been challenging. In late 2020 in Miami, Florida, Cuban American activist Carlos Lazo from the group Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love), organized the first ever Car Caravan for Cuba against the US blockade. This creative and dynamic action brought together Cubans and Cuba solidarity activists living in Miami to protest the US Blockade on Cuba while maintaining a safe distance from one another.

      As the worldwide pandemic continued into 2021, Friends of Cuba Against the US Blockade-Vancouver introduced the idea to Vancouver and on March 28, 2021 held its first Car Caravan for Cuba Against the US Blockade! The first Caravan was a success, bringing together over 30 peace loving people with the simple message of ending the US blockade through the unique form of protest that is the Car Caravan. This Car Caravan has turned into a monthly action, where activists join in vehicles covered with Cuban flags and signs denouncing the US blockade.

      In Vancouver, the Car Caravan has been supported by Friends of Cuba Against the US Blockade - Vancouver, Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC), Yemeni Community Association of Canada, Vancouver Communist Party of Canada Marxist-Leninist, Supporters of the Communist League in Vancouver, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice - Vancouver, and Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) - Vancouver.

      In the true spirit of Cuba, these Car Caravans have become international. The last Sunday of each month is a day of action, where Cuba solidarity groups and activists from around the world organize Car Caravans and other actions to defend Cuba against the cruel and illegal US blockade. From Tunisia to Venezuela, and Panama to Italy, and South Africa to the Philippines – people from across the world have united under the simple peaceful demand of ending the US blockade on Cuba.

      Within Canada, many different cities have participated in the Caravans as well, including Victoria, Nanaimo, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax.

      As the world has suffered and struggled to deal with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, instead of minimizing the impacts of the blockade on Cuba in order to help it face Covid-19 - the US government has intensified the blockade. This has made it difficult for Cuba to access many healthcare items like masks and syringes that are used to combat the virus.

      Throughout this intensification of the blockade, Cuba has actually been able to not only confront the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has produced and manufactured three of the best vaccines in the world. Considering the impacts of the blockade and Cuba’s difficulty of accessing medical equipment, it truly is remarkable what it has been able to contribute to the world’s fight against the Covid-19 virus.

      As we enter our second year of Car Caravans against the US Blockade on Cuba it is of utmost importance that we continue to defend Cuba against these unjust and cruel measures that the US government has imposed on the people of Cuba for over 60 years. Cuba like any country has a right to exist in peace and be able to determine its own future and sovereignty. As long as the US blockade continues to exist, we as peace loving people must continue to defend Cuba’s fundamental right to self-determination in calling for an end to the immoral and illegal US blockade.

      Viva Cuba!
      Lift the Blockade on Cuba Now!
      Abajo el bloqueo!

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