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      Mother of All Struggles - Lee Maracle

      (July 2, 1950 - November 11, 2021)
      Sto:lo Author, Poet, Instructor [University of Toronto - INS] and Traditional Teacher First Nations House.

      “Creation is not passive. The birth, rebirth process of the earth, her storms, eruptions, tidal waves, floods, droughts, and the coming of periodic ice ages attest to the total lack of passivity. The birth process of the plant and animal kingdom is not passive. Individually, every living thing on earth must labour to re-create itself. Seeds burst from shell to regenerate and the process of birth for mammals is accomplished only with much bloodshed.

      The re-birth of any social order also is not passive. We cannot live in the world the way it is. What is it when the mayor of a foreign town can come into your backyard and propose to play golf on the graves of your dead? What is it when that foreign country forms its internal laws to make this despicable act legal? At no time in history have Europeans ever suggested played golf on their own graves. Yet gravesite after gravesite of our dead is considered accessible for the most ridiculous of pastimes.

      “They/we are refusing to be obedient. From July 11th onward, we will listen to one instruction only – love our own. We have been busy over the past summer deciding who “our own” are. They are a range of colours: black, red, brown, yellow and white. And we can recognize them by their loyalty to justice, peace, and solidarity.”

      An excerpt from "Oka Peace Camp - September 9, 1990" from Bobbi Lee, Indian Rebel (Women's Press, 1990)

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