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      Cuba Yes, Blockade No: The Message that Animates US-Cuba Conference

      The phrase Cuba si, Bloqueo no, brought the International US-Cuba Normalization Conference to life. This conference, which concluded today in this city, was another universal effort to put an end to the illegal policies of the White House.

      In an expression of international solidarity with Cuba, different panels addressed specific issues of the island’s reality, among them the new Family Code, as the Prensa Latina news agency reported from New York.

      Forming a united front of solidarity organizations and people of good will, including Puentes de Amor, together with Americans, Canadians and groups from other countries that demand an end to the criminal policy against the Cuban people, was a central focus of the participants.

      According to Carlos Lazo, in statements to Prensa Latina, different groups from the United States and Canada will talk about their current and future work to demand an end to the blockade.

      This meeting is happening at the headquarters of the solidarity organization The People's Forum, in Manhattan, New York. More than 150 people attended in person, while hundreds of activists from other countries joined virtually through online platforms.

      This Sunday will be the closing of the solidarity event, which among other topics, will address “Cuba and the Battle of Ideas – Our Tasks and Perspectives to End the Unjust US Blockade”.

      Among the speakers will be Tamara Hansen, executive member of the Canadian Network on Cuba and Coordinator of Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) who will speak on “Building Cross-Border Solidarity with Cuba”.

      Lazo will also participate and will review the monthly caravan movement against the blockade. Other groups will speak on the Battle of Ideas: Countering the lies and propaganda against Cuba.

      According to its members, the International US-Cuba Normalization Conference Coalition is a broad-based united effort to work against US sanctions and aggression against Cuba on all fronts.

      Working to build ties and a better understanding between the United States and Cuba and for the normalization of relations, is the message of the participants in this event that brought together dozens of organizations from across North America and around the world.

      Reprinted from MINREX-PL

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