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      “By Any Means Necessary...”

      Revolutionary Black Liberation Leader in the U.S.

      And they do this very skillfully to keep us trapped. They know that as long as they keep us undereducated, or with an inferior education, it’s impossible for us to compete with them for job openings. And as long as we can’t compete with them and get a decent job, we’re trapped. We are low-wage earners. We have to live in a run-down neighborhood, which means our children go to inferior schools. They get inferior education. And when they grow up, they fall right into the same cycle again.

      This is the American way. This is the American democracy that she tries to sell to the whole world as being that which will solve the problems of other people too. It’s the worst form of hypocrisy that has ever been practiced by any government or society anywhere on this earth, since the beginning of time.

      Excerpt from Malcolm X speaks with London School of Economics on February 11, 1965

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