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    Message of Solidarity at the Passing of
    Revolutionary Communist Fighter Leslie Feinberg

    November 26, 2014

    Many people involved in the fight for a better world, are at this time feeling a great sadness at the loss of Leslie Feinberg, whose contributions in the working-class movement were vital. Leslie Feinberg dedicated her life to the struggle against oppression and for liberation.

    Her work and writing has been an inspiration to social justice and LGBTQ+ rights activists throughout her life and in her passing it is even more necessary to follow the example she left for us.

    Leslie Feinberg believed in the right of self-determination of oppressed people and oppressed nations. You could see her organizing at a mass labor rally one afternoon, in the evening speaking against war and occupation , then fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, for immigrants rights, and speaking out in defense of Cuba.

    We remember Feinberg’s words when speaking on the topic of creating an international progressive LGBTQ+ movement: "I do not believe that our sexuality, gender expression and bodies can be liberated without making a ferocious mobilization against imperialist war and racism an integral part of our struggle."

    We honor her memory by learning from her commitment and dedication to the struggle of oppressed people and oppressed nations, for justice and for self-determination.

    Fire This Time Movement for Social justice offers our sincere condolences to Leslie Feinberg’s partner Minnie Bruce Pratt, her family, friends, co-fighters in Workers World Party and all the activists following her footstep in fighting for a better and just world.

    Fire This Time Movement for Social justice (FTT)
    Vancouver, Canada