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    October 17 2014


    Part of the Fire This Time Forum Series:
    "A Marxist World View for Today"

    Herbert Marcuse, Commemorating 50 Years of Publishing
    “One Dimensional Man” in Today's Many Dimensional World.
    Capitalism, Socialism and Marcuse's "Third Way": A Marxist View

    Speaker: ALI YEREVANI, Political Editor of the Fire This Time Newspaper and Battle of Ideas Press

    Herbet Marcuse made a big impact on hundreds of thousands of antiwar activists and the leftist movement of the 1960's by declaring war against the culture of consumption and alienation of the masses, especially in the modern industrial Capitalist system. The question that many activists and scholars are asking is if any of the good and important ideas that Marcuse discussed in his book ,"One Dimensional Man" are still relevant today.

    Marcuse, as a philosopher, sociologist and political activist suggested many visions and strategies by rejecting Capitalism and Communism in favour of a "Third Way". Ali Yerevani will speak about Marcuse's ideas 50 years after the publication of his important and influential book.

    Among many questions, we need to ask ourselves what we have understood then and today from this book and Marcuse's ideas. What are their usefulness and relevancy today? Especially the idea of a "Third Way" after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Bloc. Finally, why Socialism is still today an alternative.

    In this forum the "Third Way" and other alternatives will be discussed, and the Cuban Revolution as a Socialist and scientific project and the revolutionary alternative will be examined.

    Forum will also include multimedia and discussion.

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