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    August 12 2014

    Public Forum

    Cold War II
    Russia-China-Ukraine-Syria- Iran-Iraq-Afghanistan-NorthKorea-Venezuela-Bolivia-Ecuador
    Somalia- Sudan-DRCongo-Mali-Turkey-Pakistan-India-Brazil-SouthAfrica. . . . . . . . . .

    The New Bi-Polar World:
    Capitalism Vs. Capitalism!

    After World War II, the first Cold War was started by US-led measures, policies and strategy (especially the formation of NATO) targeted against the Soviet Union with the goal of fighting against “communism” and growing colonial and semi-colonial revolutions, which threatened to become influenced and inspired by socialist and communist ideas. The United States’ Cold War took the form of political, economic and military aggression not only against the Soviet Union, but all other countries that chose to take the socialist path.

    With the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries from 1989-1991 and all of those countries shifting from a socialist planned economic system to capitalism, the public perception has since been that what once necessitated imperialist aggression, the so-called “communist threat”, has been eliminated. Consequently, there has been no need to continue their Cold War policies and NATO. The course of events, wars and occupations in Yugoslavia, in the Middle East, and more recently in Ukraine seem to prove otherwise. Now we are witnessing the development and expansion of a new cold war, Cold War II. Now the public is questioning what is the foundation of this new cold war? Who is doing it and why?

    Ali Yerevani - @aliyerevani, long-time social justice organizer, participant in the 1979 Iranian revolution, and political editor of Fire This Time and Battle of Ideas Press, will break down the course of events during the first Cold War and the expansion and consolidation of Cold War II today.

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